Thursday, December 29, 2011

Break Out The Plaid!

Hey, so as promised, the Lucky Advent Calendar was taken down, and I've broken up that Mega Pack prize that was in it into two regular-sized packs.

I'm releasing the first of those two packs today. On Friday a.m. sometime, I'll be loading up the Main Store Midnight Mania board with the half-pack of that new pack. Sooo, if you weren't able to grab the Mega Pack as a prize, this is your shot at getting at least part of it as a prize.

And, of course, group members get a few textures from this pack as their group gift! Hurrah! So Chipaholics, keep an eye out for that note card, hehehe.

Please also remember to take a look at the post from earlier this week to help support the fund-raising campaign to help our dear Hioh Jinx get himself home to his family so he can see his terminally ill father. There is a yard sale going on with many textures, clothing, sculpts and many other items being sold to raise money for this cause. Details and SLURL to the event are in the post from earlier this week.

Have a great weekend everyone, and stay tuned! More stuffs coming up on the 1st of January!!! Woot!!!

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