Friday, December 16, 2011

Crates of Textures, Or Is It Textures of Crates?

Just kidding, it's textures of crates haha. Not any crates, though! This set of wooden crates have been stained some nice colors and stenciled with some decorative flourishes including owls, ivy, and flowers.

Definitely a springy feel to this set, which I hope won't spoil your holiday mood, but the intent was to help those of you who work on projects way ahead of time get your hands on a fresh set of spring textures in time for your projects!

One of the Luck Present Prizes!
And, I guess in a way we ARE talking about crates of textures, because between the Spoiled Kitteh Hunt, the Lucky Advent, and this new prize opportunity I'm about to mention, I feel like I'm giving away crates of textures LOL.

New today in the Main Store are three Lucky Presents. You'll find them -- where else? -- under the Christmas tree by the new releases. They've each been loaded with:
  • Christmas Crafts, the alpha-layer set of Christmas patches
  • Patched knits
  • Another of the Lucky Present Prizes!
  • Embroidered Snowflakes
As with the Lucky Chairs, these presents will display a winning letter ever few minutes. If unclaimed at the end of the designated amount of time, a new letter is chosen at random by the Lucky Present system.

The Lucky Presents and Lucky Advent will run until December 31st, so be sure to stop in and check them out!

Yet another Lucky Present prize woo hoo!
Don't forget! 69L Naughty Weekend Sale item this week (see the post from Wednesday for details) and the Midnight Mania board are also going. These events, however, will end at end of day Sunday, so snap 'em up while you can!

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