Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hunt with a message!

Hey all! I've fallen behind a bit with my postings, I realize, and apologize! Got a decent little case of cold/laryngitis in RL which has sapped a lot of my energy, so have fallen behind on the things I usually do ... though I *have* tried to keep up with some of it.

Anyway, wanted to be sure to put it out there that a WONDERFUL hunt with more than just free prizes as its goal. It's called "Take Back The Night" and involves many great designers -- from clothing designers to texture creators and more. You're looking for a moon hidden in the store, and along with the prize, you receive a note card with some educational information on a mental illness. Each card is meant to educate participants on a mental illness.

Much more than that, here's the hunt's blog site that offers education and support information for those who suffer from mental illness, and for family members and friends of those afflicted: Skittles In The Pit.

As part of this awareness-raising event, and as a way to offer awareness of support available, every weekend during the month of march, this wonderful group will be putting together a t-shirt making event, in which participants will make their own SL t-shirts. I've donated a set of tie-dye fabric textures that participants can use for this event, and it is available in the main store right now. It is set to give to members of the Take Back The Night Hunt, so be sure you've joined the group and are wearing the tag!

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