Saturday, March 31, 2012

Texture Mania 4 Starts April 1st!!!

No, this ain't no joke! With tomorrow starts the Texture Mania 4 Hunt -- if you've never heard of it, and you're a builder, DO NOT MISS THIS!

This is a GREAT, super-well-organized builders/creator's hunt full of full-perm textures, sculpts, building kits and tutorial kits. Always full of high-quality items from some of the best creators around.

Here's the link to their blog, where you'll find hints, links, and pictures of the gifts that some of the creators have prepared for us. This is one hunt that I ALWAYS make sure I do ALL of, and you should too!

Check out the Texture Mania 4 blog.

The prize I'm offering for this hunt (whose theme is "Country Pride") is a set of six alpha-layer flowers. In the box I've provided one of these textures applied to a "grass" sculpt prim so you can see how it could look with the appropriate repeats and such applied to the face of the sculpt. These textures could also work wonderfully as a wall decal, appliqué on clothing, or whatever else you can think of!

ALSO on April 1st, I'm holding an APRIL FOOL'S Sale. This will end at the end of day on Sunday, so it's truly just a 24-hour deal. For this sale, I thought I'd mix it up a bit and RANDOMLY mark down all texture packs (except the Limited Edition pack)! They could be down by just 5L, or down by as much as 75%. There is ONE texture pack marked down to 0L! You'll just have to see which one it is. The promise is, it'll be worth your while ;) You won't know until you over your mouse over it and see ;)

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