Friday, February 24, 2012

LOTS of Newness!!!!

Where to start where to start? Well, let's begin with the new release!

This week, I've put together some simple distressed window frames -- you can work on the number of repeats on the face if you want multiple-panes on a window, or keep it one paned for a really basic look!

Kept the colors kind of bright and springy, but I *am* working on a set with some more natural looks for the interiors of your house, hehe.

Of course, the half-pack is on the regular Midnight Mania board, but the full pack is on the VIP board! Woot! So if you haven't joined that yet, be sure to do so ;) Remember, the joining fee is a one-time deal, and you'll make it up REALLY quickly if you take advantage of all the deals and stay in the group for long enough -- which is, of course, the POINT of the joining fee *smiles*

The OTHER exciting news here is that I've opened a new location in the virtual world InWorldz! I've only just begun importing some of my textures there, but I am having a Grand Opening sale there. So, if you play there, be sure to check it out -- I've got the Wall of Deals, where I currently have SCADS of full packs of textures for just 10I'z, and 50% off of a bunch of other textures. Later today, I'll also be setting up the above texture set. I've adjusted the price of the set to reflect the difference in virtual currencies, but the US dollar value is actually exactly the same -- 100I'z for the full set, hehe. So enjoy!

Also, as an FYI, I've adjusted my terms of use to acknowledge the existence of other virtual platforms. Basically, I'm adding the fact that *you* may not transfer my textures to other virtual platforms (as in, you cannot download textures to your hard drives and then upload them into another virtual world like InWorldz). If you'd like to see some of my texture offered somewhere, please let me know. I'm open to exploring options!

Here's the IWURL to my new InWorldz location: 

In IW, I go by the avatar Saltwater Taffy. Feel free to drop me a line any time! If you have any suggestions for textures you'd like to see created for there, DO let me know. Part of my goal there is to contribute to the growth of a great virtual environment, so please say hi!

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