Thursday, February 16, 2012

Main Store Has Moved!

Some exciting news this week! I've moved the Main Store to the FAR Hunt Group Retail Center at Perfect Day! Really super excited about this move and how the new store looks. The pic gives you an idea but doesn't really do justice to the new setup. Be sure to stop by! Especially since beginning Friday, I'll be having the Grand Opening Sale for this new location. Select textures will be marked down by 50%! You'll have to stop in and see which ones, but you'll find the trip will be worth your while.

This new location is going to have some exciting events, too. Some of them include things like building competitions and weekly sales that will take place throughout the mall. These events are still being developed so aren't taking place YET, but keep an eye on the blog and the group notices so you can see when they'll take place.

For my shop itself, I've added a couple of fun features: A VIP group and a display area (which you can see in the photo here). I'll be adding details about the VIP Group on this blog soon, but it IS just what it sounds like. An exclusive group with some exclusive features to it.

The display area is where I've got, and will continue to display, works by designers who have used my textures on the pieces that are on show. Inside the store, I've got an information card giver that visitors can click on that gives them a note card that tells them the name of the pieces on display, the names of the designers, and an LM to their shop. Two of the items currently on display were given to me by Jaxie Oceanlane, who wanted to show me what she was able to do. The other is an item I happened to come across while shopping, and I snapped it up, hehe.

So, the idea will be that people can either tell me about or send me items that have my textures used on them that they think should be on display. As I receive those items, I'll switch the display to show what I find. How much and how often will depend on how many prims I have to spare, hehe. But, I've got a few more prims to spare now (and more space!), so shouldn't be *too* hard to swing. So keep an eye out!

With all THAT newness, I will also have a new release to tell you about soon! Just been super busy with the move and all the work that goes along with it so don't have the ad ready to show yet. Will work on it tonight though and will hopefully have time to post about it here then.

Stay tuned!

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