Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advent Calendar!

Well with the beginning of December, I'm happy to introduce to everyone a Lucky Advent calendar in the \\CHIPAHOLIC// Main Store!

In it, you'll find a mega-set of new textures that have not yet been released.  This set is an add-on to the set that was offered as the prize in the Up All Night hunt that just ended.

At the end of this month, this mega pack set will be broken up into regular texture packs and sold at regular price.

Here's how the Lucky Advent works: 

Every day at midnight, the Lucky Advent picks a new letter of the day. You need to stop by the store and click on the 'door' of the calendar so it will reveal to you the day's letter. If it matches the first letter of your first name, you win!

If the lucky letter does not match your name, come back again in 24 hours to see if it does! Hope you enjoy the fun and the limited-time prize!

There's more news coming up! Be sure to check back here to find out the news BEFORE it gets sent out in notices!

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