Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And now for something completely different ...

OK, so I've been away for a bit! Now I'm back, and I've got some changes that I'll be slowly stirring into the mix.

First, let me start with what will be coming up this week! On Thursday, I'll be participating in the Builder's Bargains sale for the first time in a bit. For it, I've created a brand new set of textures that I'm excited to share with you called "Ugly Couch." Seriously, it's a texture created with my old ugly RL couch in mind bahaha!  The base texture is shots of the worn-down velour/textile texture from my actual couch, enhanced for use in SL and colorized. The set includes shaded and plain versions of each color.

For BB it'll be on sale for 150L starting on Thursday and ending Sunday. After that, the cost will go up to 300L.

And with that introduction, I wanted to let my loyal customers know that there are some pricing and branding changes coming up on the horizon.

In more than one instance, I've been informed by some of my respected colleagues that my pricing is 'too low,' and in fact, I've been passed up on some opportunities because of it. So, in order bring my textures up to fair market value, my textures will go from the stupid-low price of 5L per texture (omg what was I thinking?) to a more sane 15L per texture.

For those of my supporters who depended upon my lower prices, please don't fear: I will still be participating in the occasional hunt, and if you join my VIP group, you will have the occasional full-pack in the VIP Midnight Mania board that you can count on (which, if they don't get locked down, I offer for a temporary 50% off discount to VIPs only).

Also, I'll be taking part in Builder's Bargains, where you'll find my newly released full packs on sale for 50% off the regular price.

On the heels of this price change will be a name-change and new look for my texture shop. This last bit may take a while as I am a) slow and b) picky ... So stay tuned!

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