Thursday, September 20, 2012

Halloween Sale!

It's that time of year when builders are thinking of all those ghoulish things they could be building and creating. To help us to that end, Mandi Blanco -- organizer of the Texture Mania Hunts -- has allowed a few of us to set up shop at her Halloween Harbour location. There, I've got all of my Halloween-related textures set up to sell for 50% off, INCLUDING the newly released set The Haunting.

Be sure to stop by there and see all there is -- there are several texture and sculpt shops there, as well as other non-full-permission designers. Don't miss it!

Still ongoing but wrapping up in the next few days is the Too Cute To Be True 2L hunt for full-perm items.  The last day of this hunt is September 20th, so hurry and snap up these great gifts while they're still out there!

For the VIP members this week, I'm looking head to winter (yes, already!), and I've loaded up the board with the full pack of Winter Ground texture set. The target is the always-low 10 hits, so be sure to stop by and hit it up.

Also exclusive to the VIP group is the 50% discount on the Simple Linens full pack!

Not a VIP members yet? Stop by and hit up the group join board. For just 100L you can join the group to find out about fresh new releases, get free samplings from each new release, a low-target MM board (that gets forced on most Sundays), and exclusive 50% off discounts. Other gifts and prizes are also offered for your loyalty ;) So don't hesitate to join up!

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