Monday, July 2, 2012

New Main Store = Mini Hunt and Sale!

Have some exciting developments under way both for \\CHIPAHOLIC// Main Store and for Builder's Bargains headquarters, and really excited to share this new move with you by kicking it off with an in-store hunt and storewide sale!

I've got the new main store all set up, so that's what we'll be concentrating on for today, hehehe. To celebrate this wonderful new location, I've put together an in-store mini hunt! It's called The Donut Hunt, and runs from today until July 31st. Each donut hidden in the shop has an ooey, gooey, yummy full-perm texture filling.

For this hunt, you will be looking for either the chocolate frosted donuts (for VIP group members, costing 0L) or strawberry frosted donuts scattered (for everyone, costing 2L) around the store. If you find all 16 of either flavor of donut, you wind up getting yourself a complete set of my new release, the "Cardboard Box Kit"! So, even if you are on the path for which you are paying 2L per donut, you end up paying just 32L for a full pack of textures that is worth 80L! Can't beat that, can you???

Also starting today, but ending at the end of the day on Monday, July 10th, is a store-wide Grand Opening Sale. EVERYTHING in the store (with the exception of items in the sale countdown vendor) has been marked down to 33L or LESS!

Come celebrate this great new move by visiting my new location:

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